Posiedon Work Class ROV

Tamboritha are the largest Australian-owned ROV operator.  We provide ROVs and specialised tooling for construction support, rig support, call-off services and inspection, maintenance and repair programs.

Tamboritha deliver projects on time and continuously upgrade our ROV fleet to improve performance and reliability.  Our attention to detail during preparation and pre-mobilisation helps to ensure the most efficient delivery.  We use environmentally friendly hydraulic and dielectric fluids in our ROVs and all other offshore hydraulic systems.  Tamboritha’s offshore equipment is designed with in-built features for preventing and containing spills.

We provide the right ROV at excellent rates; we own and operate five ROVs, from Work Class to Mini, maintained in our Henderson facility and ready for short notice mobilisation.  Additionally, we stock additional tooling, rigging and sensors; and deliver bespoke subsea tooling to client requirements.

Tamboritha ROV Fleet Brochure

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