Repairs and strengthening for offshore structures may be required for a number of reasons. The most common include fatigue, regulation amendments, collision damage and connecting additional members.

We are able to provide three types of structural repair for offshore structures which solves each of these issues.

  • Grouted Clamp: A clamp in which the outer sleeve is formed in segments which are placed around an existing joint. The splits are closed by pre-tightened bolts prior to the injection of grout into the annulus between the clamp and the existing tubular.
  • Stressed Grouted Clamp: This is similar to a grouted clamp. Grout is placed into the annular space between the clamp and the existing tubular joint. The grout is allowed to reach a predefined strength prior to the application of an external stressing force.
  • Grout filled tubular: A structural member which needs to be filled with grout for strengthening purposes.

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