Tamboritha provides a turnkey solution for pipeline stabilisation, freespan correction and rectification works.  We provide a single-source for design, fabrication and installation.

Our tried and proven engineered solutions include;

  • Grout Bagging (Fabric Formwork)
  • Flexible Strategic Anchor
  • Grouted Rock Bolt

Grout Bagging (Fabric Formwork)

Fabric formworks are a flexible shuttering constructed from woven fabric which is subsequently filled with cement grout.  They are used to support, protect and stabilise subsea pipelines and structures, to raise a pipeline or structure, support power cables exiting J-Tubes, deliver pipeline crossover tunnel supports, and provide freespan correction.

Theses are installed using divers or ROV deployment frames.  Grout bags can be complemented by concrete mattresses to increase stability.

Our JV partners, FoundOcean hold the record for deploying the deepest fabric formwork to date at -1,244m and have more than 30 years’ experience in this field.

Flexible Strategic Anchor

Tamboritha has developed, installed and proven its proprietary Flexible Strategic Anchoring technology, remedially stabilising pipelines by allowing it to deflect horizontally under storm loading.

The method of stabilisation adopts the Flexible Strategic Anchoring concept whereby a number of bell mouthed structures are installed in pairs over the pipeline at strategic locations and pinned to the seabed using drilled and grouted piles.

The extreme ends of the pipeline are clamped (‘primary’ anchors).  This horizontal deflection induces axial tension in the pipeline, which in turn limits the extent of deflection and thereby stabilises the pipelines.

Grouted Rock Bolt

Grouted rock bolt anchors comprise of drilled and grouted piles, securing the pipeline via a grommet and chain arrangement.

Subsequently, Tamboritha developed the remotely operated and deployable ‘Pipeline Anchor Pull-Tester’ for proof testing non-flexible pipeline stabilisation anchors with a design force of >13 tonnes.

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