Photo of remote marine growth cleaning

Tamboritha offers simple and complete solutions to cleaning subsea assets remotely.

Offshore marine growth and contamination represents a major concern for all offshore operators both environmentally and economically.

In addition to standard technologies, Tamboritha has designed, developed and constructed cleaning and marine growth removal tooling operated by ROV.

Our ROVs can be configured with cleaning tools, mount frames, bumpers and locator chocks, configured to suit structure size and orientation.  This will alllow tooling to reach maximum surface area.

Cleaning or blasting marine growth from structures involves challenging cleaning processes, demanding innovative methods. We are able to offer the following environmentally friendly tooling for your cleaning and marine growth removal program;

  • Chain flail tool
  • Hydraulic operated drum brush technology
  • Doubler brush technology
  • High pressure water blaster
  • Cavitation water blaster

Marine Growth Cleaning Brochure

Please contact us for more information on our Cleaning & Marine Growth Removal services.