Digital Edge Subsea Inspection Management Screen Shot

Owners and operators of subsea assets and facilities need tools to manage the life of their assets.

Tamboritha’s sophisticated inspection data management solutions help clients maintain asset reliability and safety, determine remaining life, and manage inspection information.

Our integrated data management solution is supported by software packages and a range of firmware and equipment necessary for detailed inspection data logging; including video and processing and reporting.

Digital Edge

The EdgeDVR is an essential part of any ROV system. It’s simple to use and is full of engineered features, having an established history of reliability.

The EdgeDVR was designed for the end user, drawing from the experience of people who know the oil and gas industry. It is designed to be a simple to use DVR and make life easier for the operator. At the same time the EdgeDVR is a full featured digital video inspection system that delivers a comprehensive client deliverable.

EDGEDVR 1HD4SD unit includes:
  • Single Channel High Definition or Quad Channel Standard definition digital video recording (2 x 3TB Storage).
  • Automatic generation of dive, photo, video and anomaly logs in excel format.
  • Customisable fields to add extra data into logs
  • HD/SD Inspection Editor, to view and delete inspection data and monitor inspection progress.
  • Standalone workpack generation and import workpack to the EdgeDVR.
  • Hot key to instantly switch overlay on/off
  • ‘On the Fly’ Simple Overlay Entry
  • Seamless user configurable digital video header
  • Four serial inputs for displaying data via overlay. i.e. GPS, Aux compass
  • Automatic backup of data
  • HD/SD Video stills, automatically added to the photo log
  • Independent HD/SD video anomaly clips
  • Simple Manual Log entry
  • 20 User Configurable Hotkeys
  • Sequential dive numbering
  • HD/SD Multi Channel Network Video Streaming

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