CP survey is a specialised approach to integrity management and life extension of subsea assets and pipelines with cathodic protection (CP).

Tamboritha can provide CP survey services as part of your subsea IRM program.  Our ROVs are compatible with any industry-standard CP measurement system including digital continuous measurement and also the tried and trusted Bathycorrometer®.

Performing a CP survey provides you with an accurate image of the assets condition which allows for qualified decisions and substantial cost savings when considering life extension and anode replacement.

CP acquisition, analysis and reporting are provided by in-house personnel or sub-contractors dependent on the size and type of the project.

We offer two distinct approaches to cathodic potential survey:

  • Contact CP Measurement
  • Continuous CP Measurement

Please contact us for more information on our Cathodic Potential Survey services.

Tamboritha also specialise in designing, building and installing anode ground-beds and connection systems for extending the life of our clients’ subsea assets.  Click here for further information.