ROV Services

Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR)

Measuring Mooring Chain with a bespoke measurement tool.

Tamboritha provide a full suite of services to meet our clients’ subsea Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR or also known as IRM) requirements. With our in-house experience, fleet of ROVs, and engineering capabilities combined with our business partnerships for survey and positioning, grouting services, inspection and vessels, Tamboritha can provide turnkey solutions for all of your IMR needs.

Tamboritha understand client requirements to perform any IMR program, from a simple jacket inspection, to full-field inspections and survey to freespan correction and even CP Anode Replacement programs in a timely, efficient and above all safe manner.

Project Management

Our experienced team of management and engineers are able to plan, prepare and execute any subsea IRM program. We deliver value to your project, developing operational and HS&E documentation, design engineering, identification of tooling requirements, securing subcontractor services and streamlined mobilisation preparation.

Preparation of the ROVs is key to a successful project. At Tamboritha, we pride ourselves in the fact that all project-specific tooling and sensors are installed on the ROV(s) in our workshop prior to mobilisation to the vessel. If further integration testing of tooling or testing of compatibility with third-party equipment is required, this is carried out in our purpose-built test tank.

More information on our full range of Project Management services can be found in our Project Management and Engineering section.

Cathodic Protection

CP Clamp

Most IMR programs require the measurement of the CP protection of the subsea assets.

Tamboritha’s ROVs are compatible with any industry-standard CP measurement system including digital continuous measurement and also using the tried and trusted Bathycorrometer® and these are typically integrated with the ROV in our workshop prior to mobilisation. Acquisition, analysis and reporting are provided by in-house personnel or sub-contractors dependent on the size and type of the project.

Tamboritha also specialise in designing, building and installing anode ground-beds and connection systems for extending the life of our clients’ subsea assets.

More information on our Cathodic Protection Services can be found in the Cathodic Protection section.


Tamboritha provide a range of grouting services to the Australian market, which includes freespan correction, concrete mattress installation, grouted clamps and grout stabilisation. After working closely with FoundOcean, Tamboritha have formed a joint venture with them to provide a seamless service and using our work-class and light-work-class ROVs, our experienced personnel are able to deliver your subsea stabilisation needs in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

For more information on our range of grouting services and our JV with  FoundOcean please read the Grouting section of this website

Survey and Positioning Services

Survey and positioning are a significant component of Tamboritha’s turnkey service offering, so we formed an alliance with EGS Survey, an international group of companies founded in 1974 in the UK and Hong Kong. EGS provide all of the positioning and reporting services for our Australian operations.

The ongoing relationship between EGS and Tamboritha ensures a seamless delivery of positioning services and enables us to provide a reliable and accurate positioning of our clients subsea assets in the most demanding of environments by using the latest in technologies and techniques.

For more information on EGS, please see the Partners section of our website


Mermaid Investigator Mobilisation

Tamboritha have an excellent relationship with all of the Australian-based vessel owners and are able to provide a wide range of vessels to our clients as part of a complete package. Tailored to the client’s specific requirements, Tamboritha can supply the right vessel; from 30m catamarans, through to 50-70m supply vessels, right up to construction support vessels and barges.

Please contact us for more information on available vessels and to further discuss the vessel requirement to ensure that your project is delivered in a safe and efficient manner.

Bespoke Tooling

Tamboritha have over 90 combined years’ experience in delivering your subsea requirements. Our engineering services can develop the right tools for the right job, from concept through to design, fabrication and integration. Please contact us for more information on our tooling services. Please contact us for more information on our tooling services.

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