Cable and Pipeline Solutions

The Tamboritha/FoundOcean JV provides subsea Pipeline and Cable Support, Protection and Stabilisation Solutions including fabric formwork (also known as groutbags) mattresses and scourmats.

Pipeline Support and Stabilisation

Fabric Formworks
Fabric bags are placed and then filled with grout to support subsea structures

Fabric formworks are a flexible shuttering constructed from woven fabric which is subsequently filled with cement grout. The final shape of the hardened grout is defined by the shape and design of the fabric formwork. We install these using divers or ROV deployment frames.
Fabric formworks can be used to support, protect and stabilise subsea pipelines and structures; to raise a pipeline or structure; support power cables exiting J-Tubes; deliver pipeline crossover tunnel supports; and provide freespan correction. Fabric formworks can be complemented by concrete mattresses to increase stability.

FoundOcean hold the record for deploying the deepest fabric formwork to date at -1,244m and have more than 30 years’ experience in this field. We provide a single-source for design, manufacture and installation of all types of fabric formwork.

Pipeline and Cable Protection

FoundOcean Mattress
Concrete Mattresses are designed and manufactured for easy installation

Pipelines, cables, umbilicals and spoolpieces can be protected by using flexible concrete mattresses which can sit under, over or next to subsea structures. We have two concrete mattress products: MassivMesh and FlexiWeight. In addition these can also be used to support pipelines where the seabed profile is uneven, to build pipeline crossovers, to stabilise pipelines in areas which are susceptible to high currents, and for a number of other specialist applications.

Scour affects the stability of subsea structures including jackets, monopiles and pipelines. It can also cause considerable damage to coastal areas. ScourMat may be added to build up a spoil bank, protecting the seabed near the structure from further erosion. ScourMat uses seaweed for its inspiration; it works on the principle of catching particles in the water and sinking them to re-establish a seabed. ScourMat
is a natural way to rebuild the seabed. ScourMat can also be used for free span correction where erosion has occurred underneath a pipeline.

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