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Cathodic Protection has been a key service provided by Tamboritha since the inception of the company. Our in-house team have experience in designing and installing retrofit systems for life extension of subsea assets and also carrying out CP measurement as part of scheduled inspection programs of subsea assets.

Tamboritha are the developer and supplier of the unique CPECC (pronounced Sea Pec). The CPECC are Cathodic Potential Electrical Continuity Clamps which are used to connect anode ground beds by cable to subsea pipelines and offshore structures. Installation of anodes cables and clamps comes together as an installation system that has been designed to address the demanding operational and ‘whole of life performance’ expectations of offshore oil and gas end users. Our CPECC installation system enables clients to achieve reliable life extension of existing subsea assets operating in a hostile physical environment.

To ensure ‘best in class’ performance, Tamboritha built and tested prototype clamps prior to installation, this process enables us to verify that they exceed the technical compliance requirements (in accordance with Australian and International standards) and demanding client performance requirements.

Key features of Tamboritha’s CPECC include:

  • Minimum pre-cleaning and excavation at clamp installation sites
  • Installation over weight-coat with client approved drilling technology to facilitate electrical connection to pipeline/member
  • Physical separation of the electrical and structural connections within each clamp (This is essential to ensure long term reliable electrical connection)
  • Total installation of anode ground beds, cables and clamps by remotely operated vehicle (ROV)
  • High electrical current capacity and 100% continuity redundancy with-in each clamp
  • Safe, efficient and reliable anode ground bed, cable and clamp installation
  • Designs of clamps that are suitable for tubular, plate and irregular installation geometry
  • Clamp installation in a single ‘docking’ using a single multifunction tool
  • Post installation physical validation of low resistance electrical connection and ‘as left’ DC current flow
  • Demonstrated to exceed criteria stipulated by independent certification authorities

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