photo of structural grouting

Working in conjunction with our alliance partner FoundOcean, Tamboritha provides a complete range of subsea grouting services during construction, scheduled maintenance and life extension of offshore structures, pipelines and cables.

Our alliance provides three main areas of structural grouting solutions to the offshore oil and gas and renewable industries;

  • Structural Pile Grouting
  • Underbase Grouting and Ballasting
  • Structural Repair and Strengthening

The combined experience of FoundOcean’s and Tamboritha’s personnel together with proven technologies enable us to deliver high-quality, cost-effective grouting services.

Structural Pile Grouting

Successful structural grouting relies on project preparation, experienced engineers and attention to detail during every stage of the project. As every platform is unique we develop individual operating procedures for each project, giving details of the grouting operation and outlining contingency measures.

On completion of a project detailed reports are provided covering all offshore grouting operations and materials testing results.

The Tamboritha / FoundOcean alliance offers as standard:

  • Detailed quality assurance and control procedures
  • Offshore materials testing laboratories and skilled technicians
  • Skilled and experienced engineers, operatives and mechanics
  • High capacity grout pumps to deliver grout to the structure
  • A cement silo fleet with a capacity in excess of 2,000 tonnes
  • Hose winches capable of deploying grout hose to the deepest structures
  • ROV operated subsea grout connection systems
  • ROV deployed grout density monitoring

Underbase Grouting and Ballasting

Our involvement in offshore operations extends past mixing and pumping grout. We take responsibility for the complete grouting operation including inflation of grout seals, cement transfer activities, supervision of grout hose deployment and participation in offshore planning meetings.

Underbase Grouting

When a gravity-based structure is first set down, the irregular profile of the seabed results in uneven contact with the underside of the structure. With contact occurring only at the high points voids occur where the seabed is lower. This uneven support can lead to unacceptable structural loads. In order to provide a firm, even support to the underside of a gravity structure, a cement grout is pumped into the voids between the seabed and the structure.

The ideal cement grout for underbase grouting will simulate the seabed soil in strength, with a low compressive strength and even consistency. Our underbase grouts resemble a stiff clay when fully cured, with 28 day strengths as low as 1MPa.


FoundOcean has now carried out solid ballasting operations to offshore structures across most energy producing regions of the world. FoundOcean successfully completed a ballasting project for Veba Oil & Gas, pumping some 33,000 of the Hanze F2A facility in 2000. We have ballasted spas and off-loading buoys, and successfully pumped 33,000 tonnes of ballast material into the Gravity Base Structure.

Our ballasting capability is designed to fill the niche for projects where the quantity of ballast is uneconomical for dedicated ore transport ships. To meet this requirement for its offshore clients, FoundOcean has designed specialist compact and mobile ballasting systems which can achieve delivery rates from 200 to 1,000 tonnes per hour. These systems can be set up at the dockside or on a transport barge.

For advice and assistance with the analysis and design of your structural repair solutions, please contact us.