Tamboritha provides a complete design, fabrication and installation service for subsea pipeline and cable support, protection and stabilisation solutions utilising flexible mattresses and scour-mats.

Pipelines, cables, umbilicals and spool-pieces can be protected by using flexible mattresses which can sit under, over or next to subsea structures.  Our engineered ‘Flexmats’ are designed to achieve required density are capable of providing adequate stability and ensuring the long-term integrity of any offshore pipeline system, including;

  • Concrete Mattresses
  • Steel Mattresses
  • Geotextile ScourMats

Additionally, these mattresses can also be used to support pipelines where the seabed profile is uneven, to build pipeline crossovers, to stabilise pipelines in areas which are susceptible to high currents, and for a number of other specialist applications.

Scour affects the stability of subsea structures including jackets, monopiles and pipelines. It can also cause considerable damage to coastal areas. ScourMat may be added to build up a spoil bank, protecting the seabed near the structure from further erosion. Using seaweed for its inspiration, ScourMat works on the principle of catching particles in the water and sinking them to re-establish a seabed. ScourMat is a natural way to rebuild the seabed and can be used for freespan correction where erosion has occurred underneath a pipeline.

Installation methodologies and specifically designed equipment have been developed to allow for safe remote installation.

Please contact us for more information on our Pipeline and Scour Protection services.