Super Scorpio

Work Class ROV

Tamboritha Super Scorpio

Tamboritha’s Super Scorpio Work Class ROV is a proven and reliable underwater workhorse, well-suited for Construction, Drill Support, IRM (Inspection Maintenance and Repair) and complex Intervention Operations. The vehicle is depth rated to 1000m, provisioned with 7-function and 5-function manipulators, and includes a high bandwidth fibre multiplexer configured to support 8 cameras (including HD) and RS232/485 data channels. The main drive is 125hp and includes an independent high flow work pump to service demanding tooling and third party equipment.

The ROV spread is launched via an A-frame LARS with a snubber and heave compensation to allow for safe “hands-free” launch and recovery in the most demanding seas, and the umbilical winch has emergency demand spooling to assist in the event of a vessel run-off.
As part of our focus on protecting the environment, Tamboritha’s Super Scorpio ROV spread is fitted with structural bunding and biodegradable hydraulic and dielectric fluids are used.

The system comes complete with a spacious control van, complete with a permanently installed full inspection-standard video suite; a workshop with comprehensive tooling and spares suitable for operating in remote locations. A 250 KVA generator is also available where required.

To further enhance the capabilities of the Super Scorpio, Tamboritha hold a stock of tooling for intervention, cleaning and inspection and also design and build bespoke tooling to suit customer requirement.

Technical specifications


Depth rating1000msw
Weight (ROV)2500kg
Thru-Frame LiftThru-frame lift
Payload250kg (with work thruster)


Electric DriveSub-Atlantic 93 KW (125 HP)
ThrustersSub-Atlantic SA380-40 (385 ∅)
HPU - PropulsionRexroth A10V-140 (210 lt/min)
HPU - ToolingRexroth A10V-045 (75 lt/min)
FiltrationStauff (P & R) and Cardev
Speed (forward)3 knots
Speed (lateral)2 knots


Sonar (imaging)2x Super Seaking (325/650 kHz) forward & aft (2 x 180˚ sweeps)
HeadingGyROV Solid State Rate Gyro/Compass
AltimeterTritech PA/500
DepthKulite KPM 780AR/SPL
StrobeNovatech, Model ST-400A

Vision & Connectivity

Fibre optics2x multimode passes for Cameras (icluding HD) & Third party sensors
Primary camera8/ cameras on fiber 4/ cameras on copper (TP). Imenco Bullshark HD Camera also available as an option
Pan & tiltTritech model PT 3636c Zoom/focus camera (OE1366)
SwitchingKramer 24
LightingROS high-intensity LED lights (500 W halogen equivalent) 150 W halogen lights

Deployment & operations

Launch and recoveryLoad rated “A” frame, with heave compensation & ROV docking snubber. 1,200m capacity hydraulic winch c/w Nexans Scorpio 2 umbilical. LARS deck and winch are fully bunded to contain any oil spill
Umbilical winch1,200m Capacity Hydraulic winch
Deck & flying umbilicalNexans Scorpio 2
Workshop/​sparesWorkshop/stores van, stocked for remote operations


ManipulatorPerry Slingsby TA40 hydraulic feedback manipulator digitally controlled by Master arm Max lift at full radius – 210kg Max lift thru envelope – 125kg
GrabberPerry Slingsby TA 60 Max lift retracted – 380kg Max lift extended – 300kg Wrist Rotate Torque – 250Nm
Optional toolsTorque Tools, Cleaning brushes, jetting tools, AX-VX Ring Tools plus numerous options

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