SeaEye Cougar XT

Light WorkClass

Cougar Recovery

Tamboritha’s 2,000m-rated SeaEye Cougar XT is a compact, highly-flexible and extremely powerful electric Light Work-Class ROV. Designed for  work in extreme environments, the Cougar XT is superior in power to inspection-class ROVs, without the complexity, inefficiency and environmental risk associated with hydraulic ROVs.

Suited to light construction support, drill support and intervention and IRM, the Cougar XT is designed to carry a heavier payload, and Tamboritha’s Cougar XT includes a 5-function grabber and a 6-function working manipulator as standard. Hydraulic tools, such as torque-tools, boom arms, etc. are available, and can be easily installed by means of the hydraulic skid.

Tamboritha’s Cougar XT has two options for launch and recovery. The primary option is the A-frame LARS, and when deck space is limited there is the option is a marine-rated knuckle-boom crane. For fast mobilisations on short projects, it is also possible to utilise a ship’s crane for launch and recovery, although this is not preferred.

Whether using the A-frame or the crane, the deck space required for the Cougar XT is minimal. The controls and video suite are housed in one container, and workshop and stores are housed in a second container with a combined footprint of a single ISO 20’ base. This enables rapid mobilisations to be executed with only 2 or 3 lifts.

To further enhance practicality, reliability, and to reduce mobilisation time, Tamboritha’s Cougar XT is fitted with a UPS system with power filtering capability for the complete system. This allows it to be powered by a rig or vessel power system without the need for an additional generator.

To further enhance the capabilities of our Cougar XT, Tamboritha hold a stock of tooling for intervention, cleaning and inspection works; and we design and build bespoke tooling to suit customer requirement.

All lift hardware is certified to EN12079 or DNV 2.7-1, and the system is equipped with sufficient spare parts to support operations in remote locations.

Technical specifications


Depth rating2000msw
Weight (ROV)400kg


ThrustersSM7 high powered brushless DC thrusters (4 Horizontal & 2 Vertical)
Forward thrust170kg
Vertical thrust110kg
Lateral thrust120kg
Speed (forward)>3.2 knots


Sonar (imaging)Dual, Tritech Super Seaking Sonars 325 KHz & 650KHz)
HeadingGyro, flux-gate compass with azimuth stability. Accuracy ±1°
DepthElectronic depth sensor accurate to ± 0.1% FSD accuracy
StrobeNovatech, Model ST-400A “Double Burst” Flash

Vision & Connectivity

Fibre optics1x Multimode Fibre
Primary camera1 x Kongsberg OE1366 or optional Imenco Bullshark HD camera
Auxiliary camera3 x 460 TV line resolution
Pan & tiltSeaEye Integrated Tilt Platform
Lighting4 x variable intensity 150 W & 2 x high intensity LED (1600 LUX)

Deployment & operations

Launch and recoveryA-Frame LARS as standard, with option of boom crane if deck space is limited
Deck & flying umbilical50kw @415-440V, 50-60Hz
Workshop/​sparesCombined Control Van/Workshop, stocked for remote operations


ManipulatorHydro-lek HD6 6-Function Manipulator
GrabberHydro-lek HD5 5-Function Manipulator

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