ROV Fleet

Tamboritha own and operate a fleet of five ROVs. These range from Work-Class down to Mini and all are stored and maintained in our Henderson facility south of Perth, WA. All systems are kept prepared for mobilisation at short-notice. This enables us to provide a reliable call-out service to our clients. We also maintain a stock of additional tools, rigging and sensors to enable customisation for the project.

Our ROV Fleet

Workclass ROV on back deck of vessel

Tamboritha are ready to provide the right ROV at the right rates. Our fleet of ROVs span the range. From the recently upgraded Super Scorpio 125hp Work-Class ROV, our SeaEye Cougar XT Light-Work-Class vehicle, two SeaEye Surveyor Plus Inspection-Class vehicles and the Seabotix LBV200-4 Mini-ROV. We offer flexible configuration and the ability to install additional and bespoke tooling and sensors to suit customer requirements.

Tamboritha provide reliable ROVs to carry out our clients’ tasks. This includes construction support, inspection of subsea assets, repair of subsea assets including clamps, CP anode installation and pipeline freespan correction and observational tasks such as leak detection or diver support.

It is our policy to ensure that all systems and any additional equipment, is fully tested prior to mobilisation to the vessel. Systems are typically wet test in the full operational configuration in our purpose-built test tank prior to be packed up and sent to the vessel for mobilisation. All of our  ROV systems have been designed for rapid mobilisation, which ensure a cost-effective start to any project. To enable them to be lifted offshore, all of our handling systems and lifting equipment are certified to DNV 2.7-1 or EN12079.

To help protect the environment we only use environmentally-friendly biodegradable hydraulic and dielectric fluids. In all of our handling systems have internal bunding to prevent any spills to the environment.

Please see below for more information on our ROV systems.

Super Scorpio

Work Class ROV

Tamboritha’s Super Scorpio Work Class ROV is a proven and reliable underwater workhorse, well-suited for Construction, Drill Support, IRM (Inspection Maintenance…


SeaEye Cougar XT

Light WorkClass

Tamboritha’s 2,000m-rated SeaEye Cougar XT is a compact, highly-flexible and extremely powerful electric Light Work-Class ROV. Designed for  work in extreme…


SeaEye Surveyor Plus

Inspection Class ROV

With 125kgf of forward thrust, 108kgf of lateral thrust, and a 5-function working manipulator as standard, Tamboritha’s 600m-rated free-flying SeaEye Surveyor…


Seabotix LBV 200

Mini ROV

The Seabotix LBV 200-4 ROV is a highly-portable Mini ROV capable of subsea inspection in less demanding environments than our other…


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