Seaeye Surveyor Plus Inspection Class ROV

“Compact, and powerful electric ROV designed for survey, inspection, observation works and drill support”

With 125kgf of forward thrust, 108kgf of lateral thrust, and a 5-function working manipulator as standard, Tamboritha’s 600m-rated free-flying Seaeye Surveyor Plus ROV, is a compact and powerful electric Inspection-Class ROV.

Fitted with ten thrusters to provide more power than most Inspection Class ROVs, and a contingency measure to shut down some thrusters and still safely finish the work, the Surveyor Plus is a compact system that has been designed for survey, inspection and observation works. The system is ideal for drill support and also has ample payload to accommodate a full survey suite including a TSS 440 Pipe Tracker.

Launch and recovery of Surveyor Plus ROV is by A-frame LARs.  When deck space is limited an alternative method is to employ a marine-rated knuckle-boom crane. For fast mobilisations on short projects it is also possible to utilise a ship’s crane for launch and recovery, although this is not preferred. Whether using the A-frame or the crane, the deck space required for the Surveyor Plus is minimal as the controls/video suite and workshop/stores are housed in one container and mobilisations are fast and relatively simple with only 2 or 3 lifts.

To improve practicality, reliability and to reduce mobilisation time, Tamboritha’s Surveyor Plus is fitted with a UPS system with power filtering capability for the complete system. This allows it to be powered by a rig or vessel power system without the need for an additional generator.

To further enhance the capabilities of our Surveyor Plus, Tamboritha has a stock of tooling for intervention, cleaning and inspection works; and we design and build bespoke tooling to suit clients’ requirement.

‘Seaeye Surveyor Plus’ Inspection Class ROV Technical Specification

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