Seaeye Falcon Observation Class ROV

“Compact and powerful electric ROV designed for survey, inspection and observation works, ideal for shallow water LAT applications”

Seaeye Falcon is the highest capability observation class ROV in the world and is the ROV of choice for rapid deployment, reliability and low-cost operations. Seaeye Falcon is engineered for easy fitment of inspection / light intervention tooling and third-party hardware.

With a dry weight of only 60kg, Falcon is very well powered with 5kg forward and 28kg of lateral thrust. The compact size of the vehicle makes it ideal for work scopes ranging from ultra-shallow to 300m of seawater and is fitted with a 3-jaw grabber (Gripstick).

Tamboritha’s Falcon ROV can be managed by hand but is best deployed and recovered by our compact launch and recovery system. Falcon is operated using a standalone control with video suite and is provisioned with full spares, including a backup tether, essential for remote area operations. Falcon ROV requires very little deck space and has a power requirement of only 5KW.

To further enhance the capabilities of our Seaeye Falcon, we configure for reliable operations and design specialised tooling to suit client requirements.

‘Seaeye Falcon’ Observaion Class ROV Technical Specification

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