“Compact, highly-flexible and extremely powerful electric ROV, is a light work class ROV.”

Tamboritha’s 2,000m-rated Seaeye Cougar XT is designed for work in extreme environments. The Cougar XT is superior in power to inspection-class ROVs without the complexity associated with hydraulic ROVs.

Suited to light construction support, drill support and intervention and IRM, the Cougar XT is designed to carry a heavier payload. Our Cougar XT is provisioned with a 1000m armoured umbilical and >20m flying tether and is fitted with a 5-function grabber and a 6-function working manipulator as standard. These manipulators are configured with a ‘handshake’ overlap enabling cooperative works and can also be used as boom arms with side view cameras.

Hydraulic tools, such as torque-tools, boom arms, etc. are available, and can be easily installed by means of the hydraulic skid.

Tamboritha’s Cougar XT has a custom designed Saab Seaeye Tether Management System for greater operational safety and efficiency in deeper water.

The Launch and Recovery System (LARS) is used to lower the TMS to the working depth. The armoured umbilical passes over an umbilical sheave fitted to either the ‘A’ Frame or a suitable articulated crane.  During the launch and the recovery phase of the operation the ROV is securely held within the TMS by a lock/release mechanism.

On reaching the required operational depth,the ROV can be safely piloted from the TMS to the work site within the maximum operational radius of the tether spooled onto the TMS. The pilot remotely adjusts the tether length (in or out) from the surface control unit, the vehicle hand control unit or via foot switches. The length of tether out is displayed on the comprehensive video overlay, provided as a standard feature with Seaeye ROV systems.

An alternative method of launch and recovery of Cougar XT when deck space is limited is to employ a marine-rated knuckle-boom crane. For fast mobilisations on short projects, it is also possible to utilise a ship’s crane for launch and recovery, although this is not preferred.

Whether using the A-frame or the crane, the deck space required for the Cougar XT is minimal. The controls and video suite are housed in one container, and workshop and stores are housed in a second container with a combined footprint of a single ISO 20’ base. This enables rapid mobilisations to be executed with only 2 or 3 lifts.

To improve practicality, reliability, and to reduce mobilisation time, Tamboritha’s Cougar XT is fitted with a UPS system with power filtering capability for the complete system. This allows it to be powered by a rig or vessel power system without the need for an additional generator.

To further enhance the capabilities of our Cougar XT, Tamboritha hold a stock of tooling for intervention, cleaning and inspection works; and we design and build bespoke tooling to suit client requirement.

‘Cougar XT’ Light Work Class ROV (free flyer) Technical Specification

‘Cougar XT’ Light Work Class ROV (with TMS) Technical Specification

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