Photo of Work Class ROV

“Proven and reliable underwater workhorse”

Tamboritha’s ‘Poseidon’ Work Class ROV is well-suited for construction, drill Support, IRM (Inspection Maintenance and Repair) and complex intervention operations.

The vehicle is depth rated to 1000m, provisioned with a Schilling T4 or Perry Slingsby TA40, 7-function manipulator, and a 5-function Perry Slingsby Grabber.  Poseidon has a high bandwidth fibre multiplexer configured to support 8 cameras (including HD) and RS232/485 data channels. The main drive is 125hp and includes an independent high flow work pump to service the demands of tooling and third-party equipment.

Poseidon is launched using an A-frame LARS with a snubber and heave compensation allowing for safe hands-free launch and recovery in the most demanding seas. The umbilical winch has emergency demand spooling to assist in the event of a vessel run-off.

The Poseidon system includes a purpose designed control van, complete with a permanently installed full inspection-standard video suite, a workshop with comprehensive tooling and spares suitable for operating in remote locations. A 250 KVA generator is also available where required.

To further enhance the capabilities of Poseidon, Tamboritha has a stock of tooling available for intervention, cleaning and inspection. Tamboritha can also design and build specialised tooling to suit clients’ requirement.

‘Poseidon’ Work Class ROV Technical Specification

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