Tamboritha owns and operates a fleet of five reliable ROVs, ranging from work class to observation, to service clients’ requirements.  Work scopes include construction support, inspection of subsea assets, repair of subsea assets including clamps, CP anode installation and pipeline free span correction and observational tasks such as leak detection or diver support.

All systems are well resourced and well maintained for mobilisation at short-notice, from our facility at Henderson, just south of Perth, Western Australia. Tamboritha is well prepared to provide a reliable call-out service to our clients.

We offer flexible configuration and the ability to install additional and tailored tooling and sensors to suit client requirements.

It is our policy to ensure that all systems and any additional equipment is fully tested prior to mobilisation to the vessel. Systems typically undergo wet test in the full operational configuration in our purpose-built test tank prior to project mobilisation.  All our ROV systems have been designed for rapid mobilisation which ensure a cost-effective start to projects.

All lift hardware is certified to EN12079 or DNV 2.7-1 and the system is equipped with sufficient spare parts to support operations in remote locations, mitigating delays and down-time during operations.

To help protect the environment we only use environmentally-friendly biodegradable hydraulic and dielectric fluids.  All our hydraulic systems have internal bunding to prevent any spills in to the environment.

Tamboritha ROV Fleet Brochure

For more information on our ROV Fleet please contact us.