photo of grouting equipment mobilised on vessel

Tamboritha has recently engineered and fabricated a dust free grouting spread with heave compensated turntable deployment and hydraulic hose reeler.  The spread has a small vessel foot print and can produce uniform grout by controlling the proportion of cement.

Our deployment A frame is suitable for remotely deploying two turntables concurrently with the capacity to seat dual grout bags.

The grout mixing plant consists of a silo, pneumatic transfer system, approved filtration system, weigh hopper, recirculating jet mixer (RJM) and continuous displacement grout pump.  All grout batches are monitored using specific gravity mud balance.  Grout strengths can be verified onshore or on site by AS cylinder UCS as required.

Grouting Spread

  • Shear colloidal batch mixer (1.5m3) complete with surge tank together with a bulk handling system (1.5m3) and delivery pump, incorporated into the same skid
  • Stores container including tools, plant spares, etc
  • Hoses with quick connect fittings to suit plant layout on deck of vessel
  • Dual hose reel for concurrent grout delivery (300m combined hose length)
  • Deployment A Frame
  • Deployable turntable (2 bag capacity)
  • Air compressor for grout transfer
  • Vent silo
  • 20’ offshore rated ISO silo

Grouting Equipment Technical Specifications

Please contact us for more information on our Grouting Spread tooling and services.