Tamboritha enhances the scope and depth of our service offering by including positioning, geophysical and geotechnical surveys and foundation grouting services from technology alliance companies.   Our ‘time weathered’ technology alliance companies enable Tamboritha to provide turnkey solutions for the ‘whole of project’.

Tamboritha has technology alliances with EGS Survey, a global survey and positioning services company and FoundOcean, an internationally experienced grouting services contractor.

Details for EGS Survey and Foundocean are enclosed below:



EGS Survey

EGS is a leading international group of companies and has offices in Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia and throughout South East Asia via its regional hub in Hong Kong. The group provide global specialist multi-disciplinary marine survey support and delivers solutions to the oil and gas, telecommunications, energy & renewables and marine infrastructure market sectors.

First established in the UK and shortly after in Hong Kong in 1974, EGS remain independent.  EGS has since grown into an international network of services hubs and centres of excellence. EGS also has strategic alliances with partner companies in various countries, enabling us to carry out marine surveys and studies virtually anywhere on the globe.

EGS is committed to supporting the oil and gas industry and has a proven track record across a wide range of marine survey projects for major petroleum and offshore construction companies throughout South East Asia and Australia.

EGS carries out survey and positioning services for large and small marine construction projects, in both offshore and nearshore environments, from offshore platform and subsea installation support to inshore pipeline inspections.

The following offshore marine survey services can be provided:

  • Environmental, metocean, geophysical and geotechnical gas/oil pipeline route and platform site surveys
  • Geo-hazard seismic assessments
  • High resolution swathe bathymetry survey

EGS also offers positioning services for the following applications:

  • Offshore installations & inspection
  • ROV positioning
  • Rig Moves
  • Touchdown Monitoring
  • Vessel tracking & management
  • Pipeline and cable installation/repairs

In the demanding oil and gas sector, EGS offers tailored reporting services, including near real-time offshore delivery by integrating data processing with charting facilities on board.

More information can be found on their website at www.egssurvey.com


FoundOcean is the world’s largest dedicated offshore construction grouting company with 50 years’ experience of subsea grouting for oil and gas and offshore wind installers.

The company offer foundation and structural grouting in addition to life extension solutions for offshore assets. This includes freespan correction, pipeline rehabilitation, and jacket strengthening maintenance and repair.

FoundOcean started as Wimpey Laboratories in 1966, which later became Wimpey Geotech. SeaMark Systems – founded in 1981 – acquired the offshore division of Wimpey Geotech in 1993 and in 2006 was rebranded to FoundOcean.

As investment continues in the renewables sector, FoundOcean is keen to bring its expertise to the developing supply chain, and has been involved in offshore wind and wave projects since 2003.

Foundocean’s services include:

  • Structural Pile Grouting
  • Foundation Grouting
  • Underbase Grouting
  • Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
  • Jacket Strengthening
  • Grouted Repair Clamps
  • Jacket Stabilisation
  • Pipeline Support and Stabilisation
  • Marine Growth Control
  • Grout Density Monitoring
  • Grout Connectors
  • Strengthening, Modification and Repair

More information can be found on their website at www.foundocean.com