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Ningaloo Whale

Tamboritha are committed to sustainable development and the protection of the Earth’s natural resources; we are very proud of our environmental record and continue to work hard to ensure that record is maintained.

The environmental aspect is a key driver in the design of our equipment. Tamboritha ensures that bunding is built-in to our offshore equipment to prevent any spills from entering the environment. Tamboritha were also the first Australian ROV operator to change over to using environmentally-friendly, biodegradable hydraulic oils in all of our hydraulic equipment, and continue to exclusively use these oils.

To save energy and keep our carbon footprint as small as possible, the office area of our new facility was built to be 5-Star Energy compliant, and the workshop area designed to provide a comfortable workplace year-round without needing to be heated or cooled. We have also built a 40,000 litre rainwater tank to collect water from the roof for use in the facility, and a Water Corporation approved oily-water separator to ensure that no oils are released into the waste-water system.

Tamboritha have plans to further reduce our carbon footprint and will be announcing these improvements soon.

Our Environmental Policy can be found hereA copy of our ISO 14001 Certificate can be opened by clicking on the DNV logo below.

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