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Foundocean LogoFoundOcean is a leading engineering company with over 40 years experience of offshore grouting for oil and gas construction companies. FoundOcean offer a range of services including foundation and structural grouting, structural repair and strengthening, as well as pipeline and cable support and protection in all the oil and gas production areas of the world.

FoundOcean started as Wimpey Laboratories in 1966, which later became Wimpey Geotech. SeaMark Systems – founded in 1981 – acquired the offshore division of Wimpey Geotech in 1993 and in 2006 was rebranded to FoundOcean.

50 years of subsea and offshore grouting expertise has been perfected through projects in the global oil and gas industry, dating from the Umm Shaif and Zakum oil Regions.

Foundocean’s services include:

  • Structural Pile Grouting
  • Ballasting
  • Underbase Grouting
  • Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
  • Pipeline Support and Stabilisation
  • Marine Growth Control
  • Grout Density Monitoring
  • Grout Connectors

As investment continues in the renewables sector, FoundOcean is keen to bring its expertise to the developing supply chain, and has been involved in offshore wind and wave projects since 2003.

More information, including contact details, can be found on their website at 


+61 8 6595 5200

+61 8 6498 9060


32 Jessie Lee St,
Henderson 6166,
Western Australia