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To enable Tamboritha to provide reliable turnkey services, we have formed strategic alliances with two major global companies to complement our services in the Australasia region.

For survey services, Tamboritha formed an alliance with EGS Survey, an international group of companies founded in 1974 in the UK and Hong Kong. EGS provide all of the positioning and reporting services for our Australian operations and our close relationship enables us to provide a world-class turnkey service at competitive rates.

After working together on the Devil Creek and North Rankin B projects Tamboritha cemented their relationship with FoundOcean of the UK by forming a Joint Venture to provide grouting services to the region. FoundOcean is a UK based company with over 45 years’ experience of subsea and offshore grouting for the global energy construction industry. FoundOcean also provides life extension solutions for offshore structures including IRM, marine growth control products, freespan correction grout bags, and pipeline and cable support and protection services.

EGS Survey

EGS is a leading international group of companies and has offices in Europe, Americas, Asia and Australia and throughout South East Asia…



FoundOcean is a leading engineering company with over 40 years experience of offshore grouting for oil and gas construction companies. FoundOcean…


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